How to Grind Coffee Beans | Types of Coffee Grind

There are two types of coffee on market; one is coffee beans and the second is ground coffee. If you have purchased coffee beans. You are in confusion How to grind coffee beans?  So, it is possible and you can get your desired results in a proper sequence.

Truly speaking, it is part and parcel to grind coffee beans that accurate measures will be helpful to enjoy the real taste of it. In this article, we will discuss the different methods of grinding without grinders and with different grinders and electric appliances. Blending coffee plays a vital role in the formation of taste.

How to Grind Coffee Beans

How to grind coffee beans

Many coffee grinders are used for this purpose but all these are not contemptible for the grinding process. The uses of coffee grinders vary at every step. The results of these grinders are not the same. They may produce different kinds of outcomes. These are listed below one by one.

Blade Grinder

blade-grinderA blade grinder is also helpful in grinding coffee beans at home. These are not the most expensive. They are available  at cheap rates.

The results of these blades are satisfactory but they cannot be used for higher results. So, Remember! They are good in the absence of higher quality electric appliances.

The names of these blades are Krups or Braun. They are very comfortable for manual grinding. They may grind beans in an uneven form. The results are not always the same.

If the proper technique is not used in the process of grinding, the beans may stick in it. This is a time-consuming activity, during grinding motor can be hot and spoil the flavor notes of coffee.

Burr Grinders

burr grinderFor unground coffee, the Burr grinder is very sharp for getting satisfactory results. This grinder performs unique output.

It is the best choice for every type of coffee grinding. Two spinning disks and flat disks are used to crack the beans entirely.

Proper techniques must be used in this process because they can run rapidly and heat the beans which is a great hurdle in the taste of coffee beans. Both disks have different functions and mismanagement can occur if proper steps are not adopted.

Conical Burr Grinders

conical burr grinderThe conical burr grinder is widely used to grind espresso beans. This grinder has a higher price than any other grinder. In making coffee from beans these conical Burr grinders produce a transparent outcome.

The main trait of this grinder is that it is the first priority of professionals and coffee lovers. It is considered best for Turkish coffee. It is known for its accurate consequences because it has a slow cool motor.

Hand Grinders

manual-grinderHand grinders can be used for this procedure but you must keep in your mind that hand grinders require a lot of labor.  They are available at low rates but you will have to engage yourself thoroughly because it needs your upper arms.

Hand grinders are also used in the same technique but you will have to use your arm at the place of the electric motor.

The great hurdle in this that a lot of effort is used to grind and small groups of beans are put in its bowl. This type of grind is used to prefer French Presses and percolator method because it produces large granules, not small brew.

Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder

Sometimes when you intend to grind coffee beans and do not have a grinder; you should not be worried about it. Make your own grinder at home. The main objective of this article is to guide you properly about grinding beans without a grinder. This method needs a lot of labor but the results will be tremendous which the real essence of coffee is.

Rolling Pin

A rolling pin can be used to grind coffee beans. The question of how to brew whole coffee beans is solvable through it. This method is suitable for French press coffee. Hard labor is required for it but results will be according to your desire in one pinch.

First of all, you will have to adjust a rolling pin in a plastic bag. The chief benefit of it that beans will not be dispersed during grinding. For best grinding your rolling pin must be of the best quality.

Grinding Process
  • Put reasonable beans in a Ziploc bag and make sure that air must not assemble in the bag
  • Beans must be crushed with the rolling pin. They must be blown with a hard stroke
  • Drive the rolling pin slightly but strongly over the coffee bag with intense pressure. Collect the remains and repeat this step again for effective crushing

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and PestleThis process demands a lot of time with intense hard work. The capacity of mortar ¼ to 1/3 must be used to avert the overflow of beans so that you may stop scattering the beans. This method is best for smaller groups; if the amount is increased the results will be influenced.

The usage of mortar and pestle produces great outcomes for Chemex coffee, drip coffee, and French press coffee. The efficient whole process of grinding brings outstanding results. For charismatic consequences, the beans must be crushed in a small number because it will affect the taste.

Grinding Process
  • Large mortars must be filled with bean 1/3 and small mortar to ¼.
  • Hold pestle with a strong grip and put pressure on mortar with plenty of power.
  • Pestle works like a hammer so, add pressure on pestle into beans and it will operate in a circling manner.
  • Apply this step again and again because in one step it does not produce satisfactory results.

Usage of Hammer

grind coffee with hammerBrewing whole coffee beans are not an easy job. Hammer is used to crush the beans severely. It does not take a long time. With its help, your grounds may be wonderful.

This procedure requires the same method, fill the bag with beans and crush them. Low pressure must be used in these steps because it is most effective for grinding the beans. Do not strike the bag with a nail.

Grinding Process
  • First, put the beans into a bag and repeat the method of rolling pin.
  • Don’t use excessive pressure; crush them with the help of a hammer.
  • Check the beans and move them repeatedly so that the result may be equal.
  • A large knife can be used instead of a hammer. It will do the same function.

Usage of knife

grind-coffee-with-knife-2It is possible to grind beans with the help of a knife but the easiest way is to grind with a knife with a flat part of the knife instead of the edge.

The stiffest blade of the knife is most proper to grind them effectively. The crushing of beans with a knife gives outstanding results and makes the process most pertinent.

Grinding Process
  • First, put the beans on board
  • Use the flat part of the knife on the top of the beans and place pressure so that they may crush easily
  • In grinding coffee beans don’t use a knife to strike them, in this way beans may scatter and the results will not be according to expectation
  • Repeat this procedure in a similar way and make sure either all the beans are crushed properly or not


grind coffee with blenderBlender is also used for easy grinding of coffee beans but certain rules must be followed in this regard. This is a matter of knowledge that how to blend coffee beans. So, you must possess the knowledge of how to run blenders.

There must be some quantity of liquid in the blender which is helpful to grind the solid substance which you have added in it.

If you don’t add the liquid to it, this will result in the hanging of your blender blade. Even it can harm the motor of your blender. The blender ground must be distinguished from other grounds.

The first and foremost task is to check the setting of the blender for best results if this setting is not present the same “pulse: setting can be used in the alternative. In other cases you will have to follow some technique in this case otherwise, you may face the loss of a blender.

Add a reasonable amount of coffee beans in the blender, use the required consistency and short bursts of power. A small number of beans must be used for getting higher results if the amount exceeds the motor of a blender may burn.

This procedure demands a lot of time but the results will be satisfactory. You can save your blender from disorder. It is a notable thing in using a blender to grind coffee that, if you are giving high power burst, it will cook the beans because there is intense heat in a blender. So, 20 seconds are sufficient to grind.

Grinding Process
  • First, select the “grind” setting or “pulse” setting
  • Add a reasonable amount of beans to the blender according to the capacity of the blender. The most proper amount of beans in the blender is ¼ or ½. It must be checked that lid shut is close and tight
  • This process must be repeated 5 or 6 times. Finally, 30 seconds are enough to conduct grinding
  • The blender must be of finer quality otherwise it may damage beans and results will not be extraordinary

A Food Processor

grind coffee with food processorA food processor works similarly to grind coffee beans and it has a large blade grinder. It is not better than burr grinder in the results but it is adjustable in every condition.


Grinding Process
  • Put the desired amount of coffee in the bowl of a food processor and adjust the lid tightly
  • Select “Pulse” setting and grind the beans in short power bursts
  • Tilt the food processor side by side because this method is beneficial to produce good results and beans start to move in a better way
  • Don’t stuff a large portion of beans in the processor it may damage the blade. Proper time must be applied for this process

Types Of Coffee Grind

Coffee grinding has several forms. It depends on the taste of a brewer. Roast has the greatest importance and sometimes grinds differ from roast. So, it is important to check how long the coffee beans are roasted.

Crushed coffee beans have prominent characteristics but Green coffee beans are also available in the market and it also shows the choice of a buyer.

Grounded coffee is a real medium to relish the mesmerizing taste. Some consumer buys green beans and they roast themselves but some like to prefer pre-roasted coffee beans.


Coarse Grind

A coarse grind is considered outstanding for French press coffee. This grind has the largest particles like bread crumbs. The best results can be derived if coffee is left in a hot water for a long time.

Medium Grind

The medium grind depends on the granulated size of sugar. It is found in the pre-coffee ground. For this grind, a few seconds are required. This grind is used by almost all coffee makers. It is a balanced grind and has versatility in it.

Fine Grind

Fine grind is most suitable for espresso machines and grinding. This fine grind is also used in electric drip. It is not pertinent for the French coffee Press because it leaves sediment in the cup.

Extra-Fine Grind

The taste of pulverized coffee seems like flour. It is used in Turkish coffee and it demands a specific grinder. The flavor profile of this coffee can be got after a few minutes of boiling. Sugar and spices are added to produce warmth and flavor.


1. Can you grind coffee beans in a blender?

Ans: Yes, it is the easiest way to grind coffee beans in a blender. The process of grinding in the blender is a wonderful experience and produces fantastic results. Above all, it is applied everywhere in the world. This is the first choice of the coffee lover. Blender requires a proper methodology to run. So, first-hand knowledge is compulsory.

2. Can you grind coffee beans in the food processor?

Ans: The grinding in the food processor is possible. It is an innovative model of modern technology. Food processor performs a lot of functions but it can be used for grinding. The Grinding of coffee beans at home can be done by using a food processor with fabulous results.

3. Can you grind coffee beans in a nutribullet?

Ans: Nutribullet is used to do numerous chores. Through it, grinding activity is most crushing. It can be used to mix up several elements at once. Its results are remarkable. It produces a fine coffee flavor profile.

4. Can you grind coffee beans in a ninja?

Ans: Ninja is a great addition in this regard. If you want coarser output so, you will have to use the “pulse” setting for some seconds.  For finer results, the same steps can be repeated but a few minutes are essential.

5. Can you grind coffee beans in a vitamax?

Ans: Vitamax is a machine to grind coffee beans. The results of using the vitamax are coarse. The speed of the variable can be increased from 1 to 8 slowly. Ten seconds are sufficient to grind coffee. There is one advantage of it that iced coffee can be brewed easily.


To be curt, it can be said that without proper grinding the taste of coffee is dull. The best way to grind coffee from coffee beans is accurate information about it. Through this article, many beneficial tips have been shared on how to make whole coffee beans. Many aspects are necessary to achieve the wonderful taste of coffee.

All coffee experts opine that the method of brewing, grindings, and roasting enhances the qualities of coffee. It is an essential thing when you purchase the whole beans the grinding can be conducted at home through super techniques because it is a matter of taste.

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